Meet Your Guide...

My name is Maimouna (Mai) Cantrall; I was born and raised in Ivory Coast, West Africa. I’m a also a social worker who lives and practices in the State of Nevada. I’m the owner of many businesses including a behavioral health company, and a boutique.

I created Akwaba West African LV Tours was
created because I wanted to give something back to Africa, and to highlight how
unique, and revealing Africa’s tapestry can be complex. I know that you will
enjoy this trip and learn so much about difference cultural perspective if you
allow yourself to keep an open mind. Furthermore, you (the potential tourist),
will also get a chance to give back because $500 will be deducted from each tourist
travel fee to help one of the villages, or small towns that we will be

This Idea To Deduct

“$500” for charity purposes came to me as I visited so many villages and small towns and during which I realized that basic necessities such as having access to pure water, clothes, shoes, and sometimes food were lacking.

As I listened politely when the local were discussing their struggle to access basic resources that we in the States we take for granted sometimes, I told myself “Mai you have a chance to make a small difference by giving back”. So please follow me to Ivory Coast, and let’s have a lot lot of fun but in the same time, an opportunity to do a good deed.


If you have questions or a concerns before booking your trip please email: or give us a call at 800-307-1642 from 9:00 a.m. to 7: 00 p.m. PST.

- Mai Cantrall, your guide

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